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"Low carb low sugar eating plans improve your health"

Fact or Fiction?

A sedentary 59 year old diabetic, overweight man with high blood pressure decides to give the FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy low sugar eating  plan a try. What happened? The following are Tony’s results after losing 51 pounds in 8 months on the FAT TO SKINNY lifestyle.


Hi Everyone!  I saw my doctor yesterday morning (March 9th,2011) for my semiannual checkup, and got some good news...

BLOOD PRESSURE REPORT- My BP was 106/72... He cut one of my high blood pressure meds in half... HOORAY!!!  Smiley  With my next visit (in the fall), he said that I may be free of all of them if my weight continues to fall like it has up to now.

DIABETES REPORT- Normal A1C (average plasma glucose concentration in the blood) level ranges from 4.5 to 6 percent. My A1C was 5.3%. My last reading was 6.8%. He told me to stop taking my medication Metformin for blood sugar control... I'm no longer considered diabetic! YIPPEE!!!  Grin GrinGrin

After the lab work comes back, I'll get a report on my cholesterol and triglycerides. I'll let report back when I have the numbers.

I don't care what Dr. Oz or any other misinformed in our healthcare community thinks and neither should you... A LOW CARB LIFESTYLE CAN BE HEALTHY FOR SOMEONE WITH INSULIN RESISTANCE PROBLEMS!!!

My doctor said these results are compelling him to reevaluate some other of his "insulin resistant" patients.
This is the same doctor that told me low carbing was not good and go with the Mediterranean Diet.
Looks like another doctor is joining us as a "BELIEVER"!

I'm not sure which I'm happier about...

No longer being diabetic
changing my doctor's mind about low carb eating the FTS way.

If what I've done helps save even ONE of his diabetic patient's lives, I will be more than ecstatic


 OK... The rest of the numbers from my doctor showed up in today's mail (March 11th,2011)  and here are the results:

Cholesterol:     124  (normal 0-200)   Last reading on 08/18/2010: 127
LDL (Bad):        66  (normal 0-130)   Last reading on 08/18/2010:   78
HDL (Good):     48  (normal 35-90)   Last reading on 08/18/2010:   34
Triglycerides:     51  (normal 20-150)  Last reading on 08/18/2010:  73

The "Last readings" were taken about 12 days after I started FTS on 2010-08-06. ALL have improved since then!!! 

FAT TO SKINNY is the BOMB!!!  GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin


I'll leave to up to you to decide if living a low carb low sugar lifestyle will improve your health. Tony's results cannot be argued. In a short 8 months this reader lost 51 pounds, cured his type 2 Diabetes, improved his blood profile and has given himself a new lease on life. If you wish to follow Tony's journey back to good health you can do it here- Tony's Story

What are you waiting for?


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 Doug Varrieur
Author, FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy series

“The Best Weight Loss Book Ever Written”

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