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Lose Weight FAST! Guaranteed!

Quick Weight Loss Tips

By Doug Varrieur
Author, FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy series

“The Best Weight Loss Book Ever Written”


     Pants getting tight, dress size going up, blood pressure on the rise, type two diabetes right around the corner? These are the concerns I deal with every day from people of every age all around the world. What do they all have in common…… They ALL want  to get skinny!  Imagine the thought of it, to be thin again, or maybe thin for the first time ever!

For most of us it’s just a pipe dream and like so many pipe dreams, never to be achieved. But here we are, a fatty with at least some desire to change, so what do we do? Choices seem to be everywhere, flooding our televisions, newspapers, magazines and radios. Promises of a new and better you are just a pill away, a surgery away, a gym membership away, an exercise machine away or a prepackaged food program away. Maybe we call our doctor and ask advice only to hear “eat right and exercise”. 

So the battle begins, just as it has over and over again, but this time things will be different right? This time a better exercise machine gets bought or a month’s worth of diet food is on its way….this time will be different. The day begins with a weigh in and a crunchy diet cookie or the pop top of a diet smoothie can, the sneakers go on and the switch to the treadmill flips, it’s time to run. 30 minutes later a sweaty you emerges from the exercise room and heads for the shower. You’re proud, you’ve made a decision and you’ve started your diet food and workout program, a skinny you is just around the corner.  You emerge from the shower hungry after your strenuous work out and it’s time for a healthy breakfast. You pour a bowl of bran cereal with low fat milk, top it off with a banana and drop two pieces of whole grain bread into the toaster. While your toast is cooking you swallow up your vitamins with a nice glass of cold OJ, a healthy breakfast, the most important meal of the day…..just as you’ve been taught. As your day proceeds it comes time for lunch. You hook up with a friend and watch in horror as your pal orders a greasy burger and cheese from the menu. You however make the right choice and order a totally fat free lunch. As your plate arrives you make comment to your friend about the fat content in the burger while you enjoy your bow tie macaroni tossed with carrots, peas and lentils. As your friend drinks a diet soda you enjoy tea sweetened with healthy honey and a fig tart for dessert. You leave the restaurant knowing you are following the doctor’s advice…eating right and exercising. You head for the market to pick up groceries for your families dinner. Tonight’s meal includes your mom’s meat loaf recipe topped with ketchup, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob…delicious. As your day ends you go to bed feeling accomplished.

7:00 am…….the alarm goes off and it’s time for the treadmill but first ….. weigh in! You feel skinnier, how much did you lose?

You are so excited you can’t stand it and as you step on the scale you look with disbelief at the number staring back at you. How is it possible that you’re a pound heavier than the day before?

What would you say if I told you EVERY food choice you made the day before was the wrong choice for weight loss? Would it surprise you to know you literally ate the equivalent of 132 teaspoons of sugar, over 2 ¾ cups! Shocked? Let’s talk about it further.

SUGAR IS YOUR ENEMY, here are the tips that you need to lose weight quick!

SUGAR is what is making you FAT, and it’s coming into your body from many different sources. Your body uses what it needs and then turns the rest into FAT. Once you know where all the SUGAR is coming from and understand what happens to it once it’s in your body, you can start to make adjustments.

Refined SUGAR is found in processed foods, soda, candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, and any other products using it as an added ingredient. Refined SUGAR is a simple carbohydrate. The body burns it for fuel before it will burn anything else by immediately turning it into glucose (blood SUGAR).

SUGAR from fruits, fructose, is also a simple carbohydrate. The body burns simple carbohydrates first for fuel before ever getting close to burning stored FAT. Fructose metabolizes slower because the liver converts it to glycogen prior to glucose.

SUGAR from vegetables and grains is a complex carbohydrate and burns more slowly than the simple carbohydrate. Although it burns more slowly, in excess complex carbohydrates will also cause FAT gain.



In excess happens more quickly with grains than with vegetables. Grains get turned into flour, flour gets turned into breads and pasta, and bread and pasta break back down to SUGAR in your body.  (I bet you eat lots of bread and other flour products, such as pasta.) Grains also get turned into cereal, and cereal breaks back down to SUGAR in your body. (I’ll bet you eat a lot of cereal. You may even put a high-SUGAR fruit on top along with a teaspoonful of table SUGAR.)

SUGAR is going into your system at an alarming rate. It’s in your vegetables, fruits, processed foods, snacks, condiments, beverages, breads, and flour. Americans live on SUGAR. I mean that literally when I say it. SUGARS and added SUGARS are the main fuel of the American public! According to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, SUGAR consumption in 1999 was 158 pounds per person! And SUGAR consumption is on the rise. In 1983, each of us ate 113 pounds of the stuff.  Our consumption has risen every year but one since 1983. The USDA surveys indicate that the 158 pound figure is equivalent to around 50 teaspoons of sugar per day!  What is the result of all this SUGAR? Over the last 20 years in the U.S., we have seen a 100 percent increase in obesity rates in children and adolescents.  Added SUGARS include regular table SUGAR derived from sugarcane and sugar beets (sucrose), corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, corn sugar (glucose), honey, and others.  These figures do not include the SUGARS in milk, high fructose fruits, and high SUGAR content vegetables. All this SUGAR consumption over the years has created a vicious cycle for those of us addicted to SUGAR. The more SUGAR we eat, the more SUGAR we crave. Like the tobacco industry, it’s the cravings that the SUGAR industry counts on to continue building its bottom-line profits.

So, now we know how much SUGAR we get from the SUGAR industry.  How about the hidden SUGAR? This is the SUGAR coming into our bodies from high-SUGAR foods, such as fruits, grains and vegetables. They come in the form of simple and complex carbohydrates. Here’s the formula;

Four grams of carbohydrates metabolize the same as four grams of SUGAR. To give you a visual, four grams of SUGAR equals one level teaspoon.

spoon sugar

So, how does our food compare to teaspoons of SUGAR? Let’s analyze the SUGAR content from your seemingly healthy day of eating yesterday.

One of the purposes of your digestive tract is to break down the starch and other complex carbohydrates – which are simply chains of SUGAR molecules – into their component SUGARS so they can be absorbed into the blood.

Let’s take a look at your breakfast. A bowl of bran cereal with low fat milk, a banana,  two pieces of whole grain bread  and a nice glass of cold OJ,



      2 cups of bran cereal      = 20 teaspoons of sugar

cereal toast banana without sugar      1 normal size banana      = 6 teaspoons of sugar

      2 pieces of toast               = 8 teaspoons of sugar

      4 oz of milk on cereal      = 1.5 teaspoons of sugar

      6 oz box of orange juice  = 5.5 teaspoons of sugar

TOTAL SUGAR INTAKE: 41 teaspoons! Almost a full cup

 How about that healthy lunch? Bow tie macaroni tossed with carrots, peas and lentils, tea sweetened with healthy honey and a fig tart for dessert.

     Pasta Plate                      = 30 teaspoons of sugar

     2 tsp honey in tea            =  3 teaspoons of sugar

     Fig tart                               = 18 teaspoons of sugar


 TOTAL SUGAR INTAKE: 51 teaspoons! A little over a cup

sugarCould you imagine how GROSS it would be to sit in front of your SUGAR bowl and eat 92 teaspoons of SUGAR, almost two full cups? But that’s exactly what you did when you ate this breakfast and lunch.

Now add the additional ¾ cup of sugar from the bread crumbs in your Mom’s meatloaf recipe, the ketchup on top, the starch from the mashed potatoes and corn ….you ate over 2 ¾ cups of SUGAR yesterday not including your “diet snack” before your workout. No wonder you gained a pound! Imagine what happens day in and day out as you continue to eat these “healthy” meals.

So much for a healthy day of American eating! No wonder why obesity and type 2 Diabetes are so high in this country.

But what about all that running on the treadmill you did yesterday? Would it surprise you to know you’d have to run for 95 minutes straight just to burn off the sugar from the bran cereal? You are in a trap many fall into, the trap of battling your food not your FAT in the gym.

Now you see the problem with the American diet, and probably your diet. The problem is that our bodies are not burning all the food we eat, let alone our excess FAT. Our bodies are burning the crazy amount of SUGAR in our foods. The result is, all the SUGAR that doesn’t get burned turns into what?...you guessed it… more stored FAT! If you want to lose weight, your body needs to burn the stored SUGAR (FAT) for fuel. In order to get the body to do that, we simply have to cut off the SUGAR pipeline. This forces the body to attack those big, FAT, flabby deposits dangling around our bodies and as a bonus balances our blood sugar.

Cut off the SUGAR and you’ll cut off the FAT and balance your blood sugar. It’s that simple.

So, how do we get rid of the SUGAR?  Easy, while you’re in weight loss mode stay away from all the foods that metabolize into blood sugar and stick with proteins, fats and green veggies. Remember this rule;

Quick Weight Loss Tip


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