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Reader Testimonials

Sherri lost 230 pounds in 18 months!!

3/29/2011- 18 months ago I cleaned out my pantry and logged on to this site. I posted my first post  on the FAT TO SKINNY free reader support forum and declared I was going to change my life. I am proud to say 18 months later and 230 pounds lost FOREVER, that I am very glad I made that change. I have gone from a size 32 to a size 12 in a little over a year. That is more than HALF my size! I am THRILLED to be a size 14!! I have made some amazing friends on this site, learned about eating correctly and changed my life for the better. I want to thank all the forum members for listening to me complain, bitch, moan, threaten to bury the scale, laugh and be amazed when it all works out. You are all great friends and I thank you for supporting me through this past year.  Grin

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Patti reaches her goal! LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!!

 I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I reached my goal weight plus took off an extra 1/2 a pound.  That is a 41.5 pound weight loss since July 19th when I started FAT TO SKINNY.  Those last 5 pounds came off slowly but I was determined to not "diet" to lose the last little bit of weight.  I just followed along with my regular FTS eating and did what Doug keeps saying "only eat when you are hungry".  I still eat 3 meals a day, with breakfast and lunch being my lighter meals and a larger supper (on an 8" plate), and cut out my mid afternoon snack, with no evening snack either.  I guess that was just winter boredom eating that I didn't need.  As soon as I cut out those snacks, the last couple of pounds came right off.  So it has actually taken me 11 years of yo-yo dieting to take off 58.5 pounds to reach my goal.  I had been struggling all of those years, fighting urges and then getting stuck on a plateau having only taken off about 25 of those pounds.  Once I started FAT TO SKINNY and those urges were gone and my favorite "fat" food was replaced with FAT TO SKINNY friendly alternatives it was smooth sailing.  This has not been difficult at all.  I am so happy that I saw the article about Doug and his book in my local newspaper last summer, it has changed my life!!  So thank you Doug and your wife Umpa and the FAT TO SKINNY forum family for all of your support and encouragement!  I am looking forward to a healthy slim future!!  LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!!

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She finally "gets it" for the first time in her life and melts off 62 pounds with no effort!

My name is Doreen and if it wasn't for FAT TO SKINNY Fast & Easy by my wonderful friend Doug Varrieur I'd never be down 62 pounds in ten months. It was the absolute easiest and enjoyable year losing weight and gaining confidence and just plain being comfortable in my own skin...To be told "I'm a inspiration" simply gives me more happiness then anyone knows. I'm not on a diet. Its a lifestyle for me, now that I finally Got It!!!...  Thanks!   Sincerely, Doreen

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Reader loses 85 pounds in 6 months eating only McDonalds food using the FAT TO SKINNY system!

Dear Doug,  I love your book! I started my diet January 1st and by June 1st I had lost 85 pounds. Thanks it means allot to me. I applied what I learned from your book and lost all my weight just eating at McDonalds. People can not blame fast food for there weight issues now. I'm living proof !

Thanks!        Sincerely, Andrew H. Mcminn, Hendersonville NC


FAT TO SKINNY is amazing! Shawn lost 107 pounds in 15 weeks!

Dear Doug, Iím so proud of you for beating your child hood problems with your weight.  If you had not gone through that, we wouldnít be reading your book would we? You saved my life and I owe you so much.  I was about to give up and have never quit anything in my life. I bought your book on Feb 14th  2009. I lost 119 pounds of fat in 96 daysFifty people from the club have bought your book !  I will continue to recommend it to everyone I meet.   God bless you and your wife.!!!!   Shawn Goble  Safety Harbor, FL


Dear Doug, I am feeling especially thin today:) so i decided to take some pic's, seeing is believing!!!! Do you want to read Katary's story? Click here to visit the reader forum thread where he's documented his weight loss-  Gary's Story

Gary lost over 80 pounds in 19 weeks!


Andrea Patenaude loses 90 pounds and is finally able to have her baby!!Hereís my story; All my life,  I've struggled with my weight. I've been big since I was young but BLEW UP in Junior High. My parents began arguing allot and the house was full of tension. The only thing that made me happy and feel good was food. By age 13 food became my drug of choice. When I was 26 I met a wonderful man and became pregnant but sadly miscarried. The doctor said my weight was a big factor in my miscarriage. This terrible loss convinced me I needed to start being serious about losing weight. At 4'11" I was 250 pounds.  I've felt trapped but just couldn't figure out how to lose the weight. Then I learned about your book and read it.  Doug, I just wanted to say  thank you for writing a great book, you made it so simple!  I'm now 28 and weigh 160 pounds. I feel great! I feel like a new woman. My doctor is so excited and I am too. My boyfriend thinks I'm super sexy so now; hopefully soon we will have that baby!  I am so grateful, my life is so different now, FAT TO SKINNY released me from my trap. Thank You So Much Again.  Andrea Patenaude- NH   

 UPDATE- Andrea 's baby is on the way... I'll keep you posted :) 


Fat To SkinnyI lost 80 pounds and my wife lost 60 pounds! Hi Doug, I'm so excited I reached my first goal of losing 50 pounds! I'm now at 177.... coming down from a whopping 228 pounds! so I'm feeling good- and ready to take off the last 40 or so pounds. It's only been six months and I eat all the food I want. Thanks for the life lesson."

  AJ and Jay, Harrisburg- PA


I was a 30 year old mother of two weighing in at 153, shopping for "old lady" clothes. I was convinced, ďI'm married and have kids now; this is what I'm supposed to look likeĒ. It's pretty depressing if you think about It, I was only 30.

Three years later I heard Doug Varrieur on the radio talking about his book, The radio DJ, Steve Austin lost a bunch of weight on Dougís program so I decided to get the book and see what it was all about.  I found FAT TO SKINNY really easy to follow and required just a little discipline and simple changes.

WITH NO EXERCISE I lost 31 pounds!! 

I now weigh 122 and it only took 90 days! Now I just maintain my weight which is very easy with FAT TO SKINNY. I have things with sugar in them here and there, but I've totally changed my life and my routine. I have so much more energy and feel so much better about myself; it's a really easy "weigh" of life. Now my motto is, "I want to be hot, not fat!!" and my husband definitely approves!! The feeling I get when people tell me how great I look and what I've done is irreplaceable. Thank-you Doug!!   Laura Kay Barron Dunedin FL


Get Skinny Fast

 I have lost about 90lbs in the past year thanks to Doug's book & information. Thanks Doug! Anyone who has a serious weight problem & wants to do something about it will absolutely change their life by reading this book!  This REALLY works, take it from someone who has been doing what Doug's book recommended.

Your FedEx Guy" 

 J.J. Boyd, NC


I am stunned at the amount of weight I have lost! Doug, I've been on your program for less than a month and I've dropped a whopping 25 pounds AND balanced my blood sugar! YOU HAVE MADE A BELIEVER out of me, amazing."

 Steve Austin, Morning Show Host WQYK, Tampa FL


I went down three jean sizes (12 (almost a 14) to a large 6) in just three months!   Guess what? I love the new skinny me and all the compliments constantly coming my way! My knees are rejoicing, no longer giving me grief and I feel so much younger and nimble! There is a skip in my step that I didn't even realize was missing. I am a firm believer and everywhere I go I share the eating plan that has given me back a more youthful experience and great enjoyment. 

Diana L. Flegal PA


90 days later the same dress is swimming on me and my diabetes is in check!

When I went to this wedding I just squeezed into this dress. I was hovering at 270 pounds and my diabetes was out of control! 90 days later the same dress is swimming on me and my diabetes is in check!

Thanks Doug!!! 

 Velvet Jenkins  NC


I've lost 75 pounds on the FAT to SKINNY program and my energy level is through the roof! I feel better now than I have ever felt in my entire life thanks to my husband's program. I've watched this program work miracles for people all over the world.

Thanks Doug!!

Sherri Varrieur,  FL


"It still startles me when I see myself in a reflection or a mirror and I have to take a double take!"As of today I have lost 25 lbs and I have never felt better. I have lost 5" off my waist and 3" off my hips.  I went from a size 16 to a size 10 in 5 months.  I am full of energy, vitality and happy for the first time in years. Doug and Sherri (Dougís wife) take a very personal interest in your health, weight loss and success.  They are there to support you ever step of the way on the reader forum with great recipe ideas, recipe conversions and dealing with the issues that go along with weight loss. It still startles me when I see myself in a reflection or a mirror and I have to take a double take. LOL I still can't believe it....thanks to Doug and FAT TO SKINNY! Smiley     



Doug, thank you for writing this book. After a lifetime of "yo-yo" weight changes, on my 55th birthday I decided to do whatever it took (no matter how drastic) to find a way to sustain a reasonable weight without the drama, agony and wardrobe costs involved in sliding up and down the scale. I was getting myself motivated by reviewing procedures for the morbidly obese when I found your book. I downloaded and read it in one hour. I was stunned (and very glad) to finally find an explanation of why calorie counting alone, and all the bizarre diets I've followed over the years, failed to help me manage my weight after I had lost a certain amount. If I've been eating the equivalent of 150 lbs of sugar a year, maybe I don't simply have a "slow metabolism". It was greatly empowering to know how to avoid sugar "hiding" as carbohydrates, starches, and fruit. For the first time I feel like I have control over my weight based on understanding, and not simply will power. This is an incredible gift. I will be sending many friends and family to your website. Again, my thanks and congratulations for putting into "plain speak" information that so many of us need to improve our health and happiness."ó Regards, Carol Willett


 Doug, I want to thank you for your book. It is amazing how great the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid ) works. Thanks to you I have lost 36 pounds in 6 weeks.  Thank You,  Steve Smith,  Bradenton FL


Great book --  I LOST 45 POUNDS IN SHORT ORDER! We downloaded the book six months ago after being diagnosed as having type II diabetes.  My wife and I travel full-time and eat out very often. My recent blood test results that my Doctor had never had anyone get their sugar under control so fast. Thanks Doug! Carl DeLong


16 year old David Schmidt lost 100 pounds in 11 months, hereís his story told by his Mom;
I wish to share with those interested to lose weight, the success my son had. His name is David and he was 16 and weighed 240 lbs with a height of 5' 8". Obviously, with a weight so high, he was heading for health issues down the road such as diabetes and high blood pressure, not to mention low self esteem. He started researching ways to help himself and saw Doug Varrieur's Fat to Skinny's book and told me he wanted to try it. I phoned Doug with the number he provided and he promptly phoned me back ready to answer my questions. He was most helpful, friendly with a genuine concern. After feeling 100 percent confident, we purchased the material needed to start David on this new road. Iím not big on reading sadly to say, but I found this material to be very interesting and put together in such a great format to understand. His knowledge of losing weight made so much sense and easy to do. The recipes he provided were awesome and you donít feel like your dieting. It has now been 11 months and David now weights 142 lbs and because of what he learned with Dougís material, will never, ever get to the point that he was before. I would encourage anyone with interest as David did, to consider the road Dave chose. With so many weight loss methods these days, Iím so very glad we went with Fat to Skinny! Unfortunately, I donít have before and after pictures to share, but I hope that me taking the time to share with you his success story is enough. You owe it to yourself to get healthier with knowledge that will carry you through the rest of your life! Thanks Doug!

Jean Schmidt


 Doug, I wanted to let you know that I heard you on WQYK in Tampa back in December.  Everything you said made sense so I took a look at your website and purchased your book.  I started the lifestyle change on 1/2/09.  I'm not terribly overweight. I am 5'9" and was 180 pounds.  I have mild asthma and had been taking my inhaler quite often as I was over-eating regularly.  I always had a full feeling and I know this sounds gross but I had been terribly constipated for the past 2 years and had even consulted my doctor of which he was apparently no help.  It is now 2/4/09 and I am down to 172 pounds.  I haven't taken my inhaler in over a month and my constipation is gone.  I feel great and even have much more energy.  Thanks for writing this book and opening my eyes to eliminating sugar from my diet.  Thanks again - Mike Field.

Hi Doug, I am still losing 1 pound per week since we spoke last. I started at about 180 on 1/1/09 and I am now at 166 as of - 3/16/09.  Thanks - Mike Field


 I started my sugar free journey, three weeks ago and I have lost 10lbs.! I cannot believe how well this works. My brother told me about your book,  he is a diabetic and he is losing weight also. He's a truck driver and doesnít get much exercise so this is working great for him. I have tried diets and couldn't lose very much weight.  My son has also lost 25 lbs.  Your book is a blessing. I thank you.    Sincerely Rita


 I have currently lost 50 pounds since I got the book.  Joe Currin


 Hey Doug,  Just dropping a line for an update on weight loss.  10 weeks have passed and I'm down right at minus 65 pounds.  People are noticing and I'm encouraged. Its good to have some observation to add motivation.  Thanks my friend...you are a lifesaver.....literally in my case coming from a family prone to diabetes and heart problems.  Oh.. did I mention this weight loss was without any exercise...problem is now I have all this energy and I've got to find something more to do with it. Might incorporate that "E" word just to spend some excess energy!  Thanks again!!! This works!!!!!    Allen Jenkins, NC


 Dear Doug,  "I am ordering your hard-cover book because I have had great success with your method that I downloaded in September.  It will be very convenient to have the book at hand to refer to when I need to. I was overweight (OK, obese), had been diagnosed with Type II diabetes and was taking Metformin, which really hurt my stomach.  My HBa1c was above 7, even with medication. On Sept. 10, I began to eat according to your plan.  It was fairly easy to stick to the plan, since I didn't get as hungry as I used to when I would be on a "diet".  I have now, on December 8, lost 30 pounds and am keeping my blood sugar level below 100 with no medication.  At my last lab visit to my doctor, my HBa1c was 6.2 and my cholesterol levels were all great.  I am very pleased at how much better I feel (and look.)I had tried to cut down on sugar before, and had even taken the course at the diabetes center at the hospital, where they crafted a meal plan for me.  Somehow, I never had the self control to stick to it, so my weight and blood sugar went back up.  After reading your explanation of where all the sugar in one's diet comes from, I was appalled at the amount of sugar I had been loading into my body!  All the while, I was kidding myself that I didn't eat  many sweets. After reading your book, I am now able to go out to eat at a restaurant and find something on the menu that is low sugar.  Of course, there is not as much variety, but the good feeling that I am sticking to my plan and helping my body to be healthier is worth it. Thanks for sharing your experience through your book."   Sincerely,  Clarine G. Best


Hello Doug,  Got some news for you. Week 4 just weighed in.....drum roll please.....I've lost 20lbs!!! Those clothes in my closet that I've kept for that "someday I'll wear these again moments" are now starting to fit again. It's like I went shopping for new clothes but spent no money. I'm not having any cravings for foods I shouldn't eat.  In fact, when I'm around people eating that stuff it almost turns my stomach. (weird cause I use to love it) And every time I see a French fry I can't help but see a pack of sugar instead of potato. (and I'm not kidding)  A bunch of us went to Burger King Sunday night and I just watched them eat that food (not eating myself cause I wasn't hungry) and thought yuck...that doesn't even look good anymore.

Thanks allot and have a wonderful day!"ó Allison, MN


Dear Doug,  A quick report:  30 days  I'm down 3 belt notches and 21 pounds.  I'm beginning to see my feet and other "old friends"  again!! My energy level is going out the roof!!!  I'm eating balanced good meals, and at this point I am repulsed by anything  derived of sugar aka society's treats and the label hidden "goody" fructose corn syrup.  Thanks for the new lease on life.  I plan on beating the high cost of health care by only minimally needing it!!!  Hey I can take care of me and stick it to the man!! A two fer! My primary problems with this lifestyle are finding things to do with the energy and keeping my self in clothes!!!  I tell you after the initial period of educating myself and discipline myself,  this is a breeze! Thanks Doug , You're the Man!!!"  ó Greg, Miami


Hi Doug, Iíve made it to the 40 lb. mark.    Iíve gone down several clothes sizes.  I had gotten to the point where 26ís (yuck!!) were feeling goodÖnow Iím wearing a lot of 18-20ís.  Iíve also gotten some new competition.  Iíve always been larger than my best friend by SEVERAL poundsÖbut 2 weeks ago I came within a hair of weighing less than her.  So sheís jumped on this no sugar band wagon and has already lost 7 lbs on her first week & a half. Iím very pleased with what Iíve lost thus far.   Iíve set several reachable goals throughout this time, that I think is very important, and so far Iíve met every goal.  Meeting goals encourages you so much to just keep pressing.  My next goal is losing a total of 50lbs by Christmas EveÖ.if not before.  Itís totally possible too.  Iíve got an awesome suede jacket that Iím wanting to wear to our Christmas banquet.  In order for that to happen I must lose 10 more pounds.  Iíll be sure a send an update once Iíve reached that next goal."ó Misty Smith, Waynesville NC


 Hi Doug, my name is Ken. Since reading your book my blood sugar readings are great. Fasting blood sugar readings prior to your plan were 170, (low end) to 260, (high end) They are now 100 to 115 and two hours after eating are 82 to 88.I just wanted to let you know that I have been a diabetic for over 20 years and even taking all the meds my doctor has given me, my reading were still that high! Since I started your plan I have been getting the lowest readings I have had in 20 years.  This is the easiest life change I have ever done.  Atkins worked but it was hard to stay on.  I think one of the reasons is some of the products you tell about in your book. Thanks, Ken


 Hi Doug, We met on a flight out of Asheville SC.  You handed me a copy of your book because, you saw I needed it.  Not only do I love the book but it is my story too.  I, however, went to Marshís Menís Store in Huntington Long Island, not only for my special (spelled husky) jeans, but for my special (spelled husky) boy scout uniform.  My mother also told me I was not fat, just big boned! I did manage to knock off 50 LBS at the age of 18 with the help of a diet pill and a 1200 calorie diet.  I kept the weight off for several years thanks to Uncle Samís idea of daily activity and the sweat boxes called San Antonio and Amarillo Texas and then Alexandria Louisiana.  After the Air Force I was 6í 1Ē and 215 lbs. of muscle. Imagine my shock when I was turned down for a job with Addressograph Co. because I was ďobeseĒ!  The doctor, by the way, weighed in over 300 lbs and had a pint of Jack Daniels in his desk drawer to keep his red nose from turning pink again.

Anyhow, I got another job and a second and third job (short order cook) to support the wife, new baby and new mortgage Ė I was working too hard to put on weight -----.  I found that I did not play well in the sandbox with others so I went into business and developed a commercial roofing company with a friend.  THAT kept me thin too.  I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain an ounce. As soon as we were big enough to get me off the roof  I slowly started to gain.  The less exercise I got, the more I gained.  After a series of other non athletic businesses I ended up weighing over 375 lbs, with type 2 diabetes and a distinct aversion to exercise Ė it was painful, sweaty and more unpleasant the fatter I got.  Add a detached ACL on one leg and a ruptured Achilles tendon on the other and I had 2 more good excuses not to exercise.  I bought into the BS that my body had a natural set point for me and it was 350+ lbs.  Isnít denial a wonderful thing?

I tried a couple of diets (even the half grapefruit Ė black coffee etc and soon decided that it wouldnít make me live any longer Ė it would just feel that way. Weight watchers did work but for personal reasons I dropped out and within 3 years put back the 42 Lbs. I lost.

I donít believe in coincidences.  When you handed me that book it was just after a conversation with my girlfriend that if I wanted to live I HAD to do something about my weight FOR ME.  I was totally at a loss as to what to do. Well, along came Doug and handed me a book which has changed my life.  For the first time I understand WHY I wasnít losing weight.  Now, everything I look at that is edible I convert to spoons of sugar and am beginning to gag at the thought of eating that much sugar.  I shared the book with a close friend and we both attacked the system.  I am down 36 Lbs. and Paula is down 18 Lbs.!  Yesterday I weighed in at 346.2 = that is lower than the lowest weight watchers mark that took a year and a half to hit.  It is not difficult and I still have not implemented your full plan.  Just eliminating the carbs and sugars is getting it done.  It also dropped my daily blood sugar from the 130s Ė to 140s down to between 80 and 115.

Doug, I know it was not a coincidence, but I want to thank you for seeing my distress and giving me your wonderful gift of weight control. I will stay in touch to keep you up to date. May your book hit the NY Times ďBest Seller ListĒ and stay there for a year! Best wishes and a thousand thanks. Neil Roberts, NY NY


Hello Doug, My husband and I purchased your book, absolutely love the recipes!  Some of the best food I've ever eaten, even the kids love it!  Sincerely, Lauri M


Doug, My husband is a diabetic and about 40 pounds overweight. I started him on your plan about 2 weeks ago and he has lost 15 pounds  and his sugar level has dropped a lot without insulin! Lois Quintana


Hi Doug, Thank you so much for your reply AND reassurance.  I'm so glad I got your book it helped me realize that this can be a lifestyle instead of a diet. Thanks again  Amanda


Many thanks  Doug for your help and support,  it was a success!  My wife and I are now reading this very interesting book and cannot wait to start this change of lifestyle , again many many thanks!  Kind Regards  Pete Burgess, England


I saw Doug on the 700 club in April...it made sense to buy the book. My blood sugars are now within normal range, and I'm enjoying food more, and have even cooked meals for myself instead of processed packaged food which is just junk really...if you want to eat right and lose some weight you would not go wrong buying this book. come on change your life...  Beverley G. Stackhouse, England


This program really works! The book is a great read and it really gets you motivated. I have lost 36 pounds so far in just two months. I can eat when we go out, I get snacks and I even get a couple of my favorite diet sodas during the day. My son even is getting into, loosing weight and he doesn't he know he's eating healthier. If you think you have tried everything and nothing works...get this book...you will be glad you did... Florida Girl


 I believe that my "accidental" viewing of Doug's interview on the 700 Club was a Divine Appointment. I had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and my doctor's advice was "eat a lot of lettuce, drink a lot of water, and stay hungry all the time....oh, and take these pills for the rest of your life!" I was not happy with this at all and had prayed for a solution that I could understand and live with. I am only 40 and I want to live a long and healthy life. By getting rid of this poison (sugar) that I was putting into my body, my blood sugar within a few weeks dropped from a fasting level of 244 to 110. I have lost 12 pounds so far, too. This is a lifestyle and mindset change that I can and will live with. There are substitutes for everything that you think you will miss or give up! I am eating better now than I ever did before when I put no restrictions on myself.  Donna Owens NC


 WOW!....i have been following the FAT TO SKINNY lifestyle for exactly 4 weeks as of today, and have lost 32lbs!. My energy levels have skyrocketed, and my life has improved immensely...i still have a ways to go but the success so far has made it very easy for me NOT to bail out!!! if you have tried and failed...try again and succeed:)
good luck, Gary Katary, Ohio


 The Fat to Skinny book and the support provided on the Forum is a useful tool for anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.
You do not starve yourself. Using the Fat To Skinny plan, you learn how to replace foods that have hidden sugars with equally delicious food that have no or low sugars. This way, your body burns fat for fuel instead of the sugars that used to flow through your body.
I highly recommend this book and its member forum.  Joanne Eklund, Mass


 I am a type one diabetic and could never control my blood sugar or my weight. FAT TO SKINNY has changed my life my blood sugars are great and I've lost 27 lbs. This really works because it's not a diet!  H.Eberly (Beebs)


I am a diabetic and this is the best book I have ever bought, and I have a shelf full of most that have been highly advertised. It is simply reading and easy to follow. I am almost completely off my diabetic meds. thanks to the info in this book.
I have also lost weight and feel great. I will be 70 this year. Sara


Have ordered 5 so far. Guess that's a good enough review!! It even impressed my grandson & son  & nothing nutritional does that!!



Yes you can change your life, this is not about a diet, but a new lifestyle, shaking off your addiction to sugar and becoming a thinner and healthier you, this is a book of big print. lots of pictures and tells you exactly why and what you need to lose weight! Me 32 lbs lost in less than 60 days!  Kyung Clarke


My son bought this book at the Florida State Fair in 2008. He lost 100 lbs with this book! It is the most comprehensible diet book ever! I bought two more copies for my brother and my nephew. Every diabetic should own this book! If they did, there might be a lot less diabetes! My son was not diabetic but just wanted to be healthier. He did so well with this book that he is now featured on the back cover! Proud Mom....  D. Turscak, Safety Harbor, Fl.


I purchased this book, and found it to be a great book about weight loss, I bought so many diet books but, none were like this one.
I already lost 70lbs and learn through this book the proper way to eat, lower blood sugar, and the inches just came off. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to be and stay healthy in 2010.... Thanks Doug you change my life!! Catherine Sonenbeg


I am proud to be able to contribute in a small way to Doug's efforts to enlighten people as to the true cause of weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, high-cholesterol and that thing called "metabolic syndrome". You should have been a doctor. In many ways what you're doing now will make a bigger impact on the country's health than anything a doctor could dream of accomplishing. I am so so pleased to have found a book that coincides with everything I have been telling my patients for years. Now I can talk briefly with patients and hand them a book knowing that what is put forth in the text is everything I believe and transcends the stalled stale conversation of low carbs and exercise. This is a seminal work that awakens us to what is all around us but yet invisible. Like water to a fish we have been unable to see what has been in front of us all the time. Water? What water I don't see any water! Sugar? What sugar? I don't see any sugar! Unfortunately our bodies do see all the sugar and respond with obesity and "metabolic syndrome".

This book is a must read for anyone interested in taking their health to the next level.

Sincerely Dr. Paul Cump, D.O. Family Medicine


I've tried many different diets, but never stuck to them. I was already attracted when I saw people I know use this diet and lose the weight, but when I received my book and read through it, I knew this was one diet I could do. Doug not only explains how, but why. He gives you delicious and simple meals that are filling and help keep those nasty hunger pains at bay. He shows you in simple terms why what we normally eat and consider good for us, isn't, if we want to lose weight. I love the book and look forward to continued success in my own goal of losing weight.  C Brown


Yes, there are tons of diets out there, but sometime in January, my friend bought your book at the Florida fairgrounds and didn't think she was ready, so I inherited the book! My husband and I both started slowly with your ideas and steadily became believers.  I have lost 31 lbs. so far with another 19 to go!  He has lost about 40 so far. Thank you for your book and this is the first diet we have been on that we are able to stick to.  Evelyn and Neil Roberts


Dear Doug, Iíve lost 24 pounds and still dropping. It is a great book and it was easy for me to change my way of eating.  I have to admit that when one is addicted to candy and sweets it is a little bit difficult to stop right away but the way you explain in your book what sugar will do to you on a long term was a stimulus enough for me to stop eating sugar. Your program works for me and I know it will work for many other people. With Kind Regards, Debby Martina (from Holland)


Dear Doug, because of you I lost 3 stones (42 pounds) in 3 months and Iím so happy! Thank you so much! I  feel good about myself  because you changed my life!  Luke, United Kingdom


Your book fired up this old Marine to get back in shape one more time....I was really sucking wind and gaining weight Doug. Up to about 260 and no end in sight till I read your book. I have only been with the program a few days and I can already feel the difference. Hell yes I miss that sugar and fight the feeling but my vision has cleared up allot and also I am beginning to feel the fat parts of my appendages shrinking. Yep I can actually feel it. Much more vascular already. Tried on a pair of pants that were a bit snug just last week when they arrived. NOT any more. Had to cinch them up a bit. I am going to knock this lard off once and for all Doug thanks to your by the numbers approach to what has been a mystery up till now. You know in the Marine Corps we do everything by the numbers due to lack of brain activity in your standard issue Marine. That's part of the allure of your system. ......OOOOOrah! Simple....Finest kind, Thanks Doug - Jack Connor


DOUG: I am very thankful that we met! I have been promoting your website & book. I haven't actually weighed myself lately. But my belt is 3 notches smaller now. I have not needed my nitroglycerine spray. But more important, I do not have cravings. I gave up soft drinks for seltzer & juice. My wife & I love spaghetti squash now. BOB Sparkes



Dear Doug:

I read your book. Thanks, it is simple to understand and explains in simple terms why many people are over weight and how they can successfully lose their fat. The fact that it is short and to the point makes it easy for someone who is motivated to follow. Congratulations to you and your wife on your long term, successful weight management...you have profoundly improved your health and your ability to enjoy life."

Dr. Wright , Ashville, NC


We LOVE your book.  It caught my eye on the book store table because of the words "lower blood sugar without exercise". When I looked inside and saw the large print, easy to read, no tech stuff I did not understand & real menus that are easy, I bought it right away.  Not because of the weight, which is a bonus, but for lowering the blood sugar.  My husband is a diabetic and has always run real high no matter what time of day, 170 to 180, even in the morning.  It should be 100 to 110.  He had given up & decided he could not get it lower.  After 3 weeks, 2 of them on vacation in Fl, he tested 114 this morning & has lost 7 lbs. No exercise involved because he has a really bad back.  Several times he has been in 100 to 110 area.  We will tweak this food & I now have no doubt he will get to & stay at a right level.  Just wanted you to know this is wonderful and how much we appreciate your book.  My husband is 67 & may be around a lot longer thanks to your way of eating.  THANK YOU, Lucy & Dean Eby, Columbus, Ohio


Hi, Your book changed my life. All other weight loss books were useless compared to this one. I've lost tons of weight and so has my wife. Ketosis is powerful. I love it. I could go on and on about it, but I'm preaching to the choir here. Thank you for stepping forward and telling the truth because it seems no one else does. All the other weight loss companies like JC and WW etc, don't tell you about Ketosis because if everyone knew about it, they'd go out of business. Anyway, thanks, between your books and the PBS special called Food Inc, my life has changed 100%. Got another book in the works? If so, please email us happy readers of your last 4 books when it's ready. Take care and God bless you,  Tim


Hi Doug, I know you haven't heard from me and I don't know if you remember me, but I started eating FAT TO SKINNY 2/5/10 and I e-mailed when I had lost my first 10 pounds.  Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update.  As of today, I have lost 42+ pounds and I am still being an incredible shrinking person without any exercise.  I owe this ALL to you and I have found that because I am not starving all the time I have found this to be my "way of life" because of how I feel.  I have a long way to go, but I wanted to let you know.  I have taken pictures all the way along also and I need new business clothes. 

My sister is also still losing and we both feel gr8.

Thanks!! Lori Mews


My husband has been on this diet or should I say change of eating habits for around ten weeks and has lost 37 pounds. I am so excited and he is also. He has eight more pounds he wants to lose. Not to mention both my daughters, two of my friends and my brother and sister in law are also on it. My husband says this is not a diet as he is never hungry he has just changed what and how he is eating. Thank you, Betty Miller


Doug, You are a life saver for several I know.  My friend and I went to the library here in our town of Bradenton, Fl.  She said, while standing in the row of diet books and such, your book just jumped out and grabbed her.  She started your program and miraculously lowered the #'s of her blood tests tremendously.  She says she was strictly wanting to lower them and get off some of her medication, the weight loss with it was a definite plus.  Her father had diabetes during his life.  She has been successful.  She lowered her cholesterol 100 points.  I was amazed.  I lost 40 lbs 2 years ago with my docs help but was having a difficult time keeping it at bay.  It is a battle.  I could see the fat creeping back in places particularly in my stomach and waist area.  I too started following your program and have seen those areas go back to what they were and in better form.  My gut has gone down more then it did with the doc's weight loss program.  My husband and my friends husband are following it with us and have lost weight as well.   All of this from a visit to the library so my friend could get a library card.  My friend has since bought your hard cover book. Again, thanks to you for showing us the answer to better health. Lyn Ernst, Bradenton, Fl.


Doug, Hello My name is Angie I want to write you to tell you I started the same eating change as I just read in your AMAZING book 1 year ago. I started at 253.6lbs and now am at 155.6. 98 lbs GONE!!!! I just woke up one day and realized that sugar and flour was killing me. I have been so amazed reading your book it is exactly the way I have been eating right down to the sugar-free Jello and whipped topping. I have been at a plateau now for about 3-4 weeks and so glad I read your book it should really help me continue to lose the 12-15 lbs that I have left to lose. I'm a little nervous to try to stop losing. I don't want to gain any back. You also have helped me understand the NET carb thing. Now it all makes sense to me. My mom and sister have seen my success and are trying to change their way of eating. I wanted you to know your book is so easy to understand I bought one for both of them. Congratulation and Thank you!!!
Angie Handa :-)


Thanks Doug for taking the time to write this book! I struggled with my weight all my life and I tried everything to help it, but nothing worked for me.... I found your book online and said well lets give it a try ... Thank GOD I did !!!!! I started March 16th 2010 at 230 lbs. today is June 8th 2010 weight is 192.5 ... I can not tell you how much this book means to me. My goal weight is 170 I have no doubt I will reach it with in 2 or 3 months thanks for the Life Change . You are the man I turned a few of my friends and customers onto your book and they already lost 10 or more lbs already to ... So just wanted to say thank you very much ....  Anthony


Hello Doug Varrieur, I bought your book, Fat to Skinny Fast and Easy, on around January 2nd of this year.  I have lost a total of 57 pounds since then.  Thank you for writing this book - it has changed my life!!  I have so much more energy than I used to, and my blood glucose numbers are much lower. It amazes me how much sugar was affecting me - I think it was even making me hungry more often.  Now, that I am eating 20 or less net carbohydrates a day, I am less hungry throughout the day. My weight loss last week was 9 1/2 pounds - the most I have ever lost in a week ( and I did not starve myself.)  Actually, I cheated a few times and ate more carbs than I should have per day.  I am also looking into whether I have a possible lactose intolerance.  My diet was almost completely dairy free last week which might have something to do with the unusual weight loss. It is my goal to lose at least a total of 110 pounds or so . . .  I am confident that I can get there on this eating plan! Thanks again for the Extremely Informative book, Kristin Menzner Kosour


My husband Steve is about 80 pounds overweight and has Type 2 Diabetes. I read Fat to Skinny last month hoping that I could learn how to help him lose weight and combat his glucose problem. Steve was skeptical and despite my prompting did not read the book. Three weeks ago he developed sudden severe pain in his right leg, which sent us to the ER. It took a couple weeks to diagnose the cause (which turned out to be a torn meniscus, requiring surgery). To treat the symptoms the ER doc prescribed steroids but warned that since he is diabetic that he'd have to be extremely careful of sugar and carbs while on the steroids. Now he was totally dependent on me as all he could do was lay in bed or in the recliner. So I put him on the Fat to Skinny plan. He had plenty of tasty food to eat and he did nothing but lay around for three weeks, meaning he was burning almost no calories during this whole time. Well, he has lost seven pounds in the past three weeks. Imagine what his weight loss would have been if he were actually active and burning calories. I think we'll find out because now he is a convert, gladly sticking to the Fat to Skinny plan. His blood glucose now measures in the nineties! it had been running about 130. If this keeps up he'll be able to go off of his diabetes medication. By the way, I have lost five pounds in the past three weeks while roughly abiding by the Fat to Skinny Plan. 73 pounds to go for Steve and ten pounds to go for me!  Sue Ciulo


I knew I ate too much sugar, but Doug Varrieur's book and appearance on 700 Club opened my eyes to HOW much. This new awareness has enabled me to cut back on sugar intake and lose some extra weight. Doug's ideas are not fads--they are simple words of wisdom from the Lord and practical methods based on research. Thank you, Doug, for sharing your insights. And thank you, CBN, for having Doug on the program. I'd love to see and hear more from him. Sincerely, Jeanette Levellie


My husband and I have been on Atkins and South Beach with very little results and never could stay on it. The biggest difference with FTS is education. The book explains why this way of eating is so important for a lifetime of health in a way that is very easy for almost anyone to comprehend. You truly begin to look at certain foods as poison for your body and they lose their appeal. We have made gradual changes and probably are not eating less than 20 carbs everyday and in 2 months I have lost 10 lbs and my husband has lost 20. The best part is he no longer has to take insulin shots. His blood sugar is now staying within normal range and sometimes even too low. We do eat only the foods that Doug recommends. Our goal is to get to 20 carbs or less every day and I am working on menu planning to help out with that and be consistent. It is a lifelong change and it takes commitment and time. But it is SO worth it

Sincerely, Paula Chappell


Dear Doug, Umpa and EVERYONE else on the forum:

It's been a while since we've posted here. The results continue to be unbelievable and I wouldn't believe it if it hadn't happened for us personally. Since our last post back in July, our weight loss has continued steadily. Now here's the news: I have lost more than ***70**** pounds in less than four months!!!! My wife has lost 30!! She's finding all these fabulous clothes in the back of her closet that fit again. At the end of August my doctor gave me the results of a routine blood test - Cholesterol (about 1/2 of the formerly high, bad numbers), blood pressure in very healthy range, blood sugar - excellent. Dr. said if I keep it up I should be able to get off meds completely soon. I was two hamburgers and an order of french fries away from 300 pounds, I have a long way to go yet, but I did weigh in at 225 the yesterday. My wife is looking better than ever. We know of 4 couples who have purchased the book after seeing the results.

Thank you, Doug and Umpa for what your book has done to improve our health and lives!! :-)

Leroy & Robin


60 year old man loses 52 pounds in 6 weeks, now feels like he's 30 again! YES YOU CAN change your life Fast and Easy with FAT TO SKINNY :) 

Doug, I thought I would let you know that since the 2nd week in January I have lost 52 pounds. The thing that you didn't let me know is how much money I will be spending on new clothes even my shoes are getting too loose. Dr is not believing it either that a person that will be 60 in June is doing this without starving. He is wanting to do a blood profile on me. Is this necessary? Thanks Doug you are saving my life. And in the last 3 weeks I have gotten 4 other people on this life style change. This weekend I worked on the farm like a 30 year old. No joke my wife had to stop me. Having a ball!           Richard

Follow Richards ongoing life changing story here-  FAT TO SKINNY FORUM Richard


Her doctor proclaims "Whatever it is that you are doing; keep doing it! "

I started Doug's way of eating in June of 2010. I was almost 250 pounds! I really had no idea how I looked, almost didn't even care. I was on all kinds of meds from Coumadin, to blood pressure meds, to anti-depressants and thyroid meds. my blood chemistry panels were horrible, low thyroid, high cholesterol. I was miserable.  One day, I saw a picture of myself from behind and I was like WHOA! that has GOT to change. I was 35 with two kids to raise on my own. I felt ridiculous, hopeless and not to mention helpless.

I started this "diet" ~totally a lifestyle change~ with the attitude that it probably wouldn't work, but desperate for ANYTHING to help me. By the end of September 2010 I had lost over 50 pounds!!!! I couldn't believe it, I still had the self image of a fat girl. I went shopping with my sister for work clothes for my new job...she got REALLY mad at me because I kept going to the plus-sizes. She finally FORCED me to try on smaller clothes...and when some were too big I cried. Then she FORCED me to take some ~~GASP~~ full body photos, and I cried again...there was a person looking back at me that I hadn't seen in years.

Since September of 2010, I have not been on Doug's plan, maybe 70% but I HAVEN'T GAINED ANY WEIGHT BACK! I went through a very trying time since then. I have lost 2 close family members, a couple of dearly loved pets, dealing with my special needs son and a rebellious teenager. I have also moved, changed jobs, and bought my own home! (nothing fancy, but it's MINE and PAID off!) In the back of my mind this whole time was to get back in the program, and finish the transformation of my lifestyle. I have 45 or so til my goal!

I went to the Doctor for the first time since starting this. I had labs taken on Monday, and today 4/20/11 my Doctor called me with my results, and yes, (I'm a girl) I cried yet again:  My cbc is PERFECT, my liver and kidneys are NORMAL, my metabolic panel is NORMAL, my thyroid is actually functioning in the NORMAL HIGH range, my blood pressures are running in the low range, and last, but certainly not least my cholesterol levels are exactly what they should be, with my good higher than my bad, and I am still overweight! My Doctor told me quote: "Whatever it is that you are doing; keep doing it!" He also has switched me to a different blood pressure med, and told me if it stays low with this one, that I will be able to come off of meds COMPLETELY! (I haven't been on antidepressants or thyroid meds since September, I was having crazy side effects) I honestly never thought I would be able to do this, especially after my pulmonary embolism in '07

I thank God every day for Doug sending me a MySpace request...and our continued friendship on face book, and this forum where Doug and Sherry are REAL people actually helping those they are doing this for!!!!
It truly has done a HUGE change in this single mom's life. Please don't get discouraged, don't EVER give up on yourselves, if I can do it...ANYONE CAN!!!

Thanks for letting me gush...God Bless! ~Renae

Follow Renae's ongoing life changing story here-  FAT TO SKINNY FORUM


 FAT TO SKINNY reader reports over 100 pounds lost in 6 months!

I am never hungry, everyone at work is complimenting me and a lady at my workplace that I hadn't seen in months today came up to me hugging me tearing up.  I've got the attention of some ladies, which I must say I do enjoy.  I got a promotion at work as well.  Everything is falling into place, I'm going to keep this up and hopefully drop another 100 lbs.  I've turned a few friends on to the book and the lifestyle and they are all about it.  They are hesitant at first because they don't want to give up some of the things they love but if I can do it surely they can do it.  I am no longer miserable, I can walk up stairs without problems, even jog at times without problems.  I walk at the park here and there just for fresh air and exercise.  My roommate has started on this lifestyle and is already down around 30 lbs in the last couple of months.  This should be the way for everyone no matter how big or small they are.  You feel great, eat great, and love life!! Thank you FTS, you are saving my life one day at a time.

Follow Derka's ongoing life changing story here-  FAT TO SKINNY FORUM


Her Doctor said "Buy a FAT TO SKINNY Book" She did and the rest is history

I would like to thank you for sharing this amazing diet. I have been over weight sense I was a teenager. Not because I have ever had an eating problem. I actually got sick and gained weight almost overnight. I was 95 pounds when I got sick and the medication they gave me caused me to gain weight I went up to 160 in one month. I have been trying to lose it every sense then. I went to my doctor and asked him for help loosing the weight and to maybe tell me why I could not loose. I don't have an eating problem, I eat healthy not consuming  a lot of junk foods. He suggested that I buy your book he said it was an excellent diet and may help me. I did buy it on October 10, 2012 and started the diet. I have lost 24 pounds sense then and I suggest to everyone that wants to lose weight to try this and follow it. I am very excited to have finally started succeeding in losing the weight that I have so wanted to lose. I still have several pounds to lose but it is coming off slowly but surely.  Thank you again for sharing this knowledge and helping me to finally succeed in getting back the body I once had.
 Sincerely Sonya H




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