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Lose Weight FAST! Guaranteed!

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How much "hidden sugar" are you eating?

Time for a change?

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Reader Testimonials

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Doug, FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy is the best weight loss book I’ve ever read! It’s simple to read, easy to understand and delivers a “Super Bowl Punch” to the reader. I’m so impressed with this book I’m making it the official eating guide for my board game, Sports-A-Cise. It’s a pleasure to tag team with you in the fight to battle obesity and type 2 diabetes. 

Earl Christy #45, Super Bowl Champ, NY Jets  








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Would you like to drop 8 pounds in a week? 30 pounds in 30 days? 60 pounds in 90 days?

Of course you would! My book, FAT to SKINNY Fast and Easy! will teach you how.

This is me and my wife Sherri.... I lost over 100 pounds in 2002 and Sherri lost over 75 pounds. You can too!

Fat To Skinny

I promise to show you the way WITHOUT pills, surgery, special expensive food crazy diets or exercise.

Are you ready to finally lose that FAT and easily keep it off?

This book is your answer!





  Fast easy weight loss

I have lost 119lbs of FAT in 96 days !

FAT TO SKINNY is amazing!

Dear Doug, I’m so proud of you for beating your child hood problems with your weight.  If you had not gone through that, we wouldn’t be reading your book would we? You saved my life and I owe you so much.  I was about to give up and have never quit anything in my life. I bought your book on Feb 14th  2009. I lost 119 pounds of fat in 96 daysFifty people from the club have bought your book !  I will continue to recommend it to everyone I meet.   God bless you and your wife.!!!!   Shawn Goble  Safety Harbor, FL

I was a 30 year old mother of two weighing in at 153, shopping for "old lady" clothes. I was convinced, “I'm married and have kids now; this is what I'm supposed to look like”. It's pretty depressing if you think about It, I was only 30.

Three years later I heard Doug Varrieur on the radio talking about his book, The radio DJ, Steve Austin lost a bunch of weight on Doug’s program so I decided to get the book and see what it was all about.  I found FAT TO SKINNY really easy to follow and required just a little discipline and simple changes.


I lost 31 pounds!! 

I now weigh 122 and it only took 90 days! Now I just maintain my weight which is very easy with FAT TO SKINNY. I have things with sugar in them here and there, but I've totally changed my life and my routine. I have so much more energy and feel so much better about myself; it's a really easy "weigh" of life. Now my motto is, "I want to be hot, not fat!!" and my husband definitely approves!! The feeling I get when people tell me how great I look and what I've done is irreplaceable. Thank-you Doug!!

Laura Kay Barron Dunedin FL

Why is it so hard to lose weight? The ANSWER is in this video. The SOLUTION is in my book.


What does the Doctor say?

"Best Weight Loss Book Ever Written!"

"One of the most daunting problems facing modern medicine is obesity. Its contribution to morbidity and mortality in almost all disease states is far reaching. Studies have even suggested that obesity and sedentary lifestyle may be worse than smoking. Doug has really demystified weight loss and dieting. He explains in a simple easy to understand way using quick weight loss tips how to lose and then control weight, diabetes 2 and insulin resistance. His approach is so simple and clear anyone can follow the formula for success, this is the magic of his program. It is presented in such a way that it will make sense to all. I have always thought weight loss was very difficult and required more discipline than most of us have but after reading this book I think you will see it is really quite simple. Thank you Doug, you have done society a great favor by writing FAT to SKINNY Fast and Easy. It's simply the best weight loss book ever written!”

Dr David Mulholland MD.   Iron Duff NC

         Dr Approved

Doug I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday and getting a copy of your book. I have followed this same regime for the past year and a half and it's worked a miracle for me. I have lost 55 pounds and feel great and my blood glucose is now normal. Keep up the wonderful job, what you have set forward in your book really works!!!!

Nelson Lazo, CEO Mariners Hospital Tavernier, FL

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What kind of food can I eat?

You are going to be happy! The FAT to SKINNY program is filled with all your favorite foods!  I even include sweets like cakes, cookies and ice cream, all sugar free! You'll eat good, really, really good and the FAT will melt off, Guaranteed!

I have lost 90lbs and still shrinking! Fast Easy Weightloss

Here’s my story; All my life,  I've struggled with my weight. I've been big since I was young but BLEW UP in Junior High. My parents began arguing allot and the house was full of tension. The only thing that made me happy and feel good was food. By age 13 food became my drug of choice. When I was 26 I met a wonderful man and became pregnant but sadly miscarried. The doctor said my weight was a big factor in my miscarriage. This terrible loss convinced me I needed to start being serious about losing weight. At 4'11" I was 250 pounds.  I've felt trapped but just couldn't figure out how to lose the weight. Then I learned about your book and read it.  Doug, I just wanted to say  thank you for writing a great book, you made it so simple!  I'm now 28 and weigh 160 pounds. I feel great! I feel like a new woman. My doctor is so excited and I am too. My boyfriend thinks I'm super sexy so now; hopefully soon we will have that baby!  I am so grateful, my life is so different now, FAT TO SKINNY released me from my trap. Thank You So Much Again.  Andrea Patenaude- NH

What does the author say?

Hello my friend, I was FAT all my life and no matter what I did I couldn't drop the weight. One day I decided to make it my life's work to discover the answers to weight gain and loss in the human body. I found the secrets and melted off over 100 pounds, reversed my insulin resistance, balanced my blood sugar and cured my diabetes 2. That was over 6 years ago and I'm still a 32 inch waist today.

Fat To Skinny Fast And Easy

  The author, Doug Varrieur


 FAT to SKINNY Fast and Easy! is not a gimmick. It's a wonderful healthy eating plan that works with the bodies natural metabolism to burn fat and balance blood sugar. Over 330 full color pages of easy to read information in large print simple to understand and implement. You'll also find the book packed with recipes and links to my favorite foods. Read it and enjoy your journey from FAT to SKINNY! You have nothing to lose but FAT, guaranteed!


If you are not completely satisfied with my book simply return it and    I'll refund your money less S&H!


What are you waiting for?

 Don't spend one more day FAT!





Keep all your recipes sugar free, carb free, calorie free and sugar alcohol free by using Liquid Splenda FAT TO SKINNY ZERO Sweetener

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What others have to say about the author

Book helps readers burn fat, control diabetes II
"Varrieur writes with a straight forward, simple style. In the 330 page how to book, the font size is larger than that of traditional books, many words are in all caps to emphasize certain points, and pages are covered with graphics and pictures to keep the attention of readers.  The author lays out facts in an uncomplicated manner, making this book both readable and understandable. The book is quick and concise".

Justin Waybright, staff writer,  THE MOUNTAINEER NEWSPAPER

 “A go-getter with a flair for business and a lot of common sense.”


 “A do-it-yourself attitude.”

David Szymanski, THE TAMPA TRIBUNE

Reader J.J. Boyd has lost 90 pounds and still shrinking!

     Get Skinny Fast

"This REALLY works, take it from someone who has been doing what Doug's book recommended. I have lost about 90lbs in the past year thanks to Doug's book & information. Thanks Doug! Anyone who has a serious weight problem & wants to do something about it will absolutely change their life by reading this book! Your FedEx Guy"  J.J. Boyd, NC

 “Doug, you’re a lifesaver. Ten weeks have passed and I’m down 45 pounds.  This stuff works!”—Allen Jenkins, NC

 “I’m down 32 pounds in five weeks and I feel awesome!”— Jamie,  PA

Gill Greenwell of Candler has Diabetes II and was overweight until Varrieur's book changed his life.

"In my lifetime, Doug has done me the best good of anyone I've ever met.  I lost 40 pounds in a couple months, I feel good and have more energy.  I'm getting around a lot better and this is the least I've weighed in 20 years. On his diet plan you honestly don't get hungry. The book is one of the best things that has come into my life in a whole lifetime

Gilbert Greenwell, Candler NC

"I am stunned at the amount of weight I have lost! Doug, I've been on your program for less than a month and I've dropped a whopping 25 pounds AND balanced my blood sugar! YOU HAVE MADE A BELIEVER out of me, amazing."

Steve Austin, Morning Show Host WQYK, Tampa FL

On Sept. 10, I began to eat according to your plan.  It was fairly easy to stick to the plan, since I didn't get as hungry as I used to when I would be on a "diet".
I have now, on December 8, lost 30 pounds and am keeping my blood sugar level below 100 with no medication.  At my last lab visit to my doctor, my HBa1c was 6.2 and my cholesterol levels were all great.  I am very pleased at how much better I feel (and look.) 
Sincerely,  Clarine G. Best

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Fat To Skinny

I lost 80 pounds and my wife lost 60 pounds! thanks FAT TO SKINNY! AJ-PA

Say goodbye to your gut! I lost 50 pounds with FAT TO SKINNY! Thanks Doug! Gary Portesy,  FL

Hey Doug,  what you've done for me is priceless, I finally hit my goal weight of 123, I lost a total of  30 pounds and I'm not having a problem maintaining at all, I've totally changed my lifestyle and feel awesome.  Cheers, Laura

Hi Doug! Finally, a diet book that makes sense! I purchased your book and absolutely LOVE it! Sincerely, Tracy DeGraaf

I've been doing it for 4 months now after reading your book in April and have never looked back since. I've lost 51 pounds so far, and the weight keeps coming off. The book was totally worth it!!!  Shepherd

My son and I began the Fat to Skinny eating plan and I went down three jean sizes (12 (almost a 14) to a large 6) in just three months!   Guess what? I love the new skinny me and all the compliments constantly coming my way! My knees are rejoicing, no longer giving me grief and I feel so much younger and nimble! There is a skip in my step that I didn't even realize was missing. I am a firm believer and everywhere I go I share the eating plan that has given me back a more youthful experience and great enjoyment.  Diana L. Flegal PA



CBS Interview with Doug Varrieur


hOUR Tampa Bay Morning Magazine Interview

  FAT TO SKINNY Reality Show Sample Reel