Greetings, former gladiators of the field! It’s Doug Varrieur, author of the FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy series, here to share some words of encouragement and strategy to help you reclaim your fitness.

Have you ever found yourself gazing at old photos of your athletic prime, only to be jarred by the reflection in the mirror? If this rings a bell, know that you’re not alone. This story is all too familiar for thousands of retired athletes, just like you, grappling with unwanted pounds and declining health.

It’s easy to assign blame to our age or a nagging injury. But what if I told you there’s another player in this game, one that’s been silently sabotaging you? That culprit is SUGAR, the sneaky quarterback of your blood profile.

SUGAR is responsible for your weight gain, your difficulty shedding pounds, and your looming threat of diabetes. Even your aching knee feels the pressure, bearing an additional 4 pounds for every pound of excess weight you carry. But don’t worry, there’s a game plan to tackle this adversary. By controlling your blood sugar, you can reduce your weight, ease your knee pain, and even reverse diabetes. Sounds like a Super Bowl victory to me, doesn’t it?

This game’s enemy is present in a surprising number of places – soda, candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, processed foods, fruits, vegetables, grains, condiments, and many others. Each source infuses your body with SUGAR which, when not immediately used for energy, gets stored as FAT.

To visualize the impact of SUGAR, consider that four grams metabolize the same as one level teaspoon of SUGAR. A medium order of fast-food fries, for instance, contains 47 grams of carbohydrates that metabolize just like 47 grams of SUGAR. That’s almost 12 teaspoons! A complete fast-food meal might sneak in 43 teaspoons of SUGAR, close to one full cup!

Not only are we consuming alarming amounts of SUGAR, but we’re also experiencing increased cravings. This constant cycle, fueled by our SUGAR-laden diets, is the core of the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics plaguing the U.S.

So how can we intercept this problem and score a health touchdown? It’s straightforward: Cut off the SUGAR intake. By limiting foods that metabolize into blood sugar and focusing on proteins, fats, and green veggies, we force our bodies to utilize stored FAT for fuel. This leads to weight loss and balanced blood sugar levels.

The rule of thumb is simple – Meats and greens will make you lean; sugar and carbs will make you large. This new game may be challenging, but with persistence and dedication, you can reclaim your health, just like you claimed victory on the field in your glory days.

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