By Doug Varrieur
Author, FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy series “Recognized as The Best Weight Loss Book Ever Written”

In my journey as an advocate for healthier living, I have been astonished by the transformative power that a simple dietary change can bring. Simply removing sugar from one’s diet has been a game-changer for many, including Todd Hurley, one of our readers.

Todd’s narrative is one of triumph. Despite having lost more than 100 pounds through a low-glycemic food plan, he faced a persistent issue with leg swelling, believed to be a result of insulin resistance. However, after just two weeks on the Fat to Skinny program and keeping his carbohydrate intake below eight per day, his legs stopped swelling and a significant amount of fat was shed. Such astounding health improvements, albeit baffling for many healthcare professionals, emphasize the hazards of sugar.

Another inspirational journey is that of a reader who overcame Lupus after 60 days on the Fat to Skinny program, leaving her doctor astounded. Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, a passionate scientist and physician, refers to sugar as “fertilizer for cancer,” further stating that “cancer cells cannot feed on anything other than sugar”. His own fight against brain cancer and his survival has pushed him towards dedicating his life to educating others about the perils of sugar consumption.

It’s disheartening to note the detrimental health impact that sugar has, particularly in Western societies, where individuals are prone to consuming an alarming 150 pounds of sugar each year. The aftermath is a rapid decline in public health, and unfortunately, the numbers are projected to rise.

What’s remarkable is that the weight loss success that many of our readers have experienced often plays second fiddle to the plethora of other health benefits they reap by cutting out sugar and foods that metabolize into sugar from their diets. One of the most frequently reported benefits is the dramatic decrease in blood sugar levels, resulting in the reversal of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. It’s astonishing to many, although I have clearly delineated the potential benefits in the FAT TO SKINNY book. I believe most individuals are so focused on weight loss that these additional benefits seem like a pleasant surprise.

Our reader, Clarine G. Best, provides an insightful account, “In September, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and was taking Metformin, which was upsetting my stomach. My HBa1c was above 7, even with medication. Now, on December 8, I’ve lost 30 pounds and am maintaining my blood sugar level below 100 without any medication!” Her victory over type 2 diabetes is incredible but a reminder that a lapse back into a high-sugar diet could potentially reverse her progress. The question here is, why didn’t her doctor address the root cause, which is excess sugar consumption, instead of resorting to medication?

The truth is glaringly simple, but unfortunately, due to years of marketing gimmicks on weight loss, many, including our medical professionals, are left in confusion. One of my readers, a doctor from South Carolina, expressed how he found solace in my book as it resonated with everything he had been advising his patients for years. Dr. Paul Cump, D.O. commended the FAT TO SKINNY book, referring to it as a “seminal work that awakens us to what is all around us but yet invisible,” likening the unnoticed effects of sugar to water around a fish.

The countless health benefits of eliminating sugar from our diets are still being discovered, just as the waistlines of many continue to expand. The issue is the omnipresence of sugar in countless forms and products, making it hard to keep track. This predicament inspired the creation of the FAT TO SKINNY series, presented in an uncomplicated and user-friendly format.

Sugar, whether refined, derived from fruits (fructose), or from vegetables and grains (complex carbohydrates), is invading our systems at an alarming rate. It’s in our vegetables, fruits, processed foods, snacks, condiments, beverages, breads, and flour. Indeed, Americans seem to be living on sugar!

But there’s hope! Learning how to spot sugar and replace high-sugar foods and beverages with low-sugar alternatives can instigate a change. It causes your body to burn the excess stored sugar in the form of fat, leading to weight loss. Grasping and applying these methods are easier than you think, and the resulting health benefits are remarkable.

Join us in the FAT TO SKINNY journey and evade the clutches of ‘Death by Sugar’!

Doug Varrieur
Author, FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy series “The Best Weight Loss Book Ever Written”`

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