By Doug Varrieur, Author of the FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy series, hailed as “The Best Weight Loss Book Ever Written”

What’s the truth about being skinny? As someone who has undergone a significant weight transformation, I’ve discovered that thinness can be quite captivating. For many of us, especially those who have battled weight issues for the larger part of our lives, achieving a lean body can be an obsessive quest. But how far is too far?

When I first embarked on the FAT TO SKINNY journey, I shed over 100 pounds, going from a 48 inch waist to a svelte 31 inches. However, I was surprised to find that shopping for clothes was as much a challenge at my new slim size as it was when I was larger, given America’s focus on waist sizes of 36 inches and above. More importantly, my wife pointed out that my face had started to look a bit gaunt and age was becoming more visible. In her words, I had gotten too skinny.

It was time for some introspection. Was I indeed too thin? Unlike the Hollywood stars who opt for plastic surgery and fat injections, I knew that wasn’t a path for me. The solution had to lie elsewhere.

One of the benefits of the FAT TO SKINNY program is the control it gives you over your weight. You’re no longer at the mercy of your weight. Instead, you command it. Once you master the FAT TO SKINNY techniques, you gain total control.

So, I reflected. After careful consideration, I decided that I had indeed lost more weight than I initially set out to. It was a tough call but I decided it was time to gain a few pounds back. This decision contradicted everything I had strived for over 40 years, but it was necessary.

I tweaked my diet, slightly increasing my carb intake by incorporating some higher sugar fruits and starchy vegetables. In four months, I successfully put on ten pounds, bringing my waist size to a healthy 32 inches, and giving my face a fuller look, much to my wife’s satisfaction.

This journey taught me a valuable lesson about finding balance and listening to my body. It made me reconsider my goals, my body, and my mental state. It was a bizarre position to find myself in – being too skinny, a state I never imagined I’d experience.

My wife’s counsel to others has been insightful – find a weight that makes you happy and maintain it. You shouldn’t live your life bound to the scale.

So, how skinny is too skinny? It’s a personal decision. It’s about finding a weight that you feel comfortable with, where you like how you look and feel. It’s about understanding that your body, health, and mental well-being are at stake. Ignore the charts, graphs, and societal expectations. Determine your own balance. Every individual has their own “sweet spot” – for men, it might be a size 34-36, or perhaps a 30-32. Women may find contentment at size 5, or at size 8-10.

And to whoever coined the phrase “you can never be too skinny or have too much money”, I would argue that they were, at the very least, half wrong!

Doug Varrieur, Author, FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy series “The Best Weight Loss Book Ever Written”

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    their technical support team is the best! I had an issue with one of the templates, but it got fixed right away

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